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Breed Giant Schnauzer X Great Pyrenees
Gender Male
Age 2 years
Weight 100+ pounds
Colour white
Status Up for Adoption
Spay/Neuter Neutered

About Me

Meet Angus. He is a 2 year old neutered male Giant Schnauzer/Great Pyrenees mix who is looking for an experienced owner. We are currently accepting adoption applications to find him the perfect home. We will only be contacting the homes we are considering. Please call the shelter to learn more about adopting Angus.

Here’s what you need to know about Angus:

Great Pyrenees and Giant Schnauzers are both livestock guardian dogs, and not suitable for a first time dog owner. He can be very demanding and requires intense training. Our staff has worked with Angus and he has come a long way with his training. He is a very intelligent and independent thinker, which makes it difficult to keep him occupied. He will require daily grooming and maintenance of his coat. These breeds have a voice and naturally want to guard and protect their home. He will try to scare off threats by intimidation through barking and his large size. He has sensitive hearing and will be able to detect the faintest sounds and will let you know he has heard something until he feels the threat is gone.

The independence of this breed mix makes a fenced in yard a necessity. It’s difficult to teach to stay on your property as they feel their property is as far as they can wander.

Giant breeds don’t reach mental maturity until 3 years old. This means that obedience can be a challenge. He walks well on a leash in quiet areas. He becomes overwhelmed in busy neighbourhoods and will pull on the leash. We have been walking him with a harness and muzzle for safety of others.

He loves most people, but can be reactive and aggressive with smaller dogs. He does not meet well with large dogs on first meetings. He needs an experienced owner who can work with him to learn to interact with other dogs. Experience with guardian breeds would be an asset.

We would love for him to go to a home with lots of room to run.

Just because he is a mix of guardian breeds does not mean he will be a good livestock guardian. As far as we know he has had no livestock experience.

The adoption process will involve phone screening interviews, and a series of meet and greet at the shelter. We want this to be a forever home and are very dedicated to making sure it’s a perfect match.