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Breed German Shepherd
Gender Female
Age 7 years
Status Available for Adoption
Spay/Neuter Spayed

About Me

Meet Lexi, a 7-year-old shepherd mix who is quick and intelligent, interested and focused. It’s this intense focus that requires Lexi be adopted into a dog-savvy home with an individual or family willing to maintain—and enhance—the behaviours she has learned over weeks of professional training. This means channelling Lexi’s focus into tricks and games that will benefit both dog and human, in other words, engaging her in purposeful activities that do not involve chasing. (No stick throwing to activate her high chase drive.)

Lexi’s recall is good; she comes when you call. As well, she enjoys playing with other dogs, although cats and small animals may overly excite her and are probably best left out of the mix. Lexi may be more likely to thrive in a rural environment, ideally with someone familiar with her breed who wishes to give this special girl a patient, consistent and caring home.

If you are interested in adopting, please review the adoption application process here.  You can download and submit your application to