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LAWS wishes to thank the following for generously supporting the animals by becoming STAR Program members:

  • Jackie Shaver
  • Gavin Sturgeon
  • Barb Orcutt
  • Charlene Kloos
  • Melva Backa
  • David Paterson
  • Andrew Basek
  • Mary Werner
  • Linda Shearer
  • Delphine Patzel
  • Robert Willoughby
  • Amanda & Christopher Hiemstra
  • Amy Lewis
  • Bryan & Darlene Davis
  • Helen Searle
  • Jacqueline Jacobson
  • Bodil Laursen
  • John Cookson
  • Stephan Ragaz
  • Kelly South
  • Ruth Wright
  • Andrea Pothiah
  • John Topping
  • Erica Poot
  • Lisa Kraemer
  • Penny Boyd
  • Robert Ford
  • Alyssa Cook
  • Tambra Collins
  • Marion Blair
  • Karen Bestard
  • Joyce Gibson
  • Terri Lee Hanes
  • El March
  • Elizabeth Payne
  • Cynthia Ray
  • Lumina Rivett
  • Colleen Senior
  • Sandra Shearer
  • Karen Shearer
  • Nicole Truman
  • Elizabeth Wilson
  • M.G. MacMillan
  • Elain Ferren
  • 8 Anonymous

Please note: there may be a delay between registering as a STAR member and having names appear on this website.

Be a Star!

We are pleased to announce our new S.T.A.R. Program. S.T.A.R which stands for Supporting the Animals Regularly, allows you to contribute monthly in an easy and convenient manner. You choose how much you wish to donate and whether to give by credit card or post-dated cheques.

Please, take a moment right now to send in your generous monthly gift to help the animals and become a S.T.A.R!

pdfDownload the S.T.A.R. sign up form