Improving pets' lives since 1993

What We Do

Each day LAWS accepts adoptable animals as strays, from shelter transfers, owner surrenders, and other rescue organizations. Our goal is always to find each animal a loving home. We are committed to our mission of helping to control animal disease and population and do so through the following ways:

Assistance in emergency situations and rehabilitation of injured and ill animals.

Feral spay and neuter program in collaboration with community members.

All adopted animals are vetted, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, age permitting.

Assistance to concerned individuals attempting to help animals in their own community, with advice and supplies when possible.

Our Foster Home Program helps rehabilitate and socialize pets and is an integral part of our organization.

Educating the community about disease prevention and population control.

Our policy is to develop a viable plan for even the most hard-to-place animals.