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Foster Stories

LAWS is filled with stories. The reputation of the shelter and the kindnesses shown to people and animals has built a community partnership that has spanned more than twenty years. Our foster program places mother cats and their babies in homes to be raised by families and there are so many wonderful successful stories.

Operation Catnip is a dedicated group of women who trap, neuter and release feral cats. Sometimes a friendly cat is trapped, having been fed and socialized by kind people and sometimes a feral mom is protected and surrendered to the group.

Such was the story this spring as a woman in Marmora realized that a kitten that had been abandonned last year at the end of a dead end road was now a pregnant adult. The woman befriended her, fed her, pet her and was eventually able to get her into a cat carrier. The volunteers from Operation Catnip contacted LAWS and we were able to place this cat in a foster home. This was a new experience for the family and they were excited about the adventure that lay ahead.

The young mother cat was a long haired tabby, very nervous and matted. When the family took her in, their daughter, Elyse, noticed right away that she had white paws and named her Mittens. Mittens had hit the feline jackpot with this family! She was loved, cuddled, brushed, fed and given loads of affection. When it came time for the birth of the babies, Tannis took a leading role in assisting. On Sunday June 7, when the big day arrived, Mittens being so young and inexperienced, panicked during the birth and had to have assistance in delivering two of the six kittens. This is a very large litter for a first time mother and often some of the litter does not survive. But because of this family being so involved with her care, and Mittens being a determined mother, all survived and thrived! During the first four weeks, mom Mittens did most of the work with the kittens. She received lots of food and love from her caregivers and they anxiously watched the progress of the baby kittens. Elyse named them Ginger, Sprout, Nacho, Taco, Burrito and Albert. The weeks flew by and the kittens learned to play, use the litter box, eat, and sleep, eat, play and eat. Each one exhibited a unique personality. Elyse said that fostering was a lot of fun and the kittens made her laugh! What a great project to have during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Soon they will be vetted and off to new homes but the memories of Mittens and her kittens will stay in this family’s hearts.

Please note the kittens will be posted once they are ready for new homes.