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Pet Resources

Below is a compiled master list of resources providing educational information about caring for a cat.

Before Adopting A Cat

Creating A Safe Room

Bringing Your Cat Home

Helping Your Adopted Cat And Existing Pets To Accept Eachother
Cat To Cat – 1
Cat To Cat – 2
Cat To Dog – 1
Cat To Dog – 2
Helping Cats And Dogs Get Along
Cats And Children

Learning How To Play
Developmental Stages Of Kitten Behaviour
Building Trust

Litter Box Dilemmas
Questions To Ask Yourself First
Cat House Soiling Checklist
Preventing Litter Box Issues
Trouble Shooting Litter Box Issues
Inappropriate Urination
Urination Outside The Litter Box
Solving Litter Box Issues
Litter Box Issues
Litter Box Avoidance
Retraining Room

Challenging Behaviours
General Overview
Common Challenging Behaviours
Scratching – 1
Scratching – 2
Scratching Tips
Anxiety – 1
Anxiety – 2
Cat Fights
Feline Aggression
Feline Redirected Aggression
Play Aggression
Feline Marking
Excessive Nocturnal Activity
Detering Cats From Specific Areas
Excessive Vocalization

Other Resources
Bathing Your Cat
Trimming Your Cat’s Nails
Incision Healing
Cold Weather

Below is a compiled master list of resources providing educational information about caring for a dog.

What To Ask Before Adopting A New Dog

Bringing Home A New Dog
Selecting The Best Match
Bringing A New Dog Home
Bringing Home A Northern Dog
What To Expect – 1
What To Expect – 2
Tips For Puppy Parents
First Day
First Three Days
Settling In
First Thirty Days

New Dog To Resident Dog
Dog To Cat
Puppy To Older Dog
Dogs And Children
Anxious Dog To People
Dog To New People

Puppy Resource
Developmental Stages Of Puppies
Puppy Socialization – 1
Puppy Socialization – 2
House Training For Puppies
Puppy Nipping

Training Resources
Dog Body Language
Surviving A High Energy Dog
Punishment VS Reinforcement
Positive Reinforcement
Implementing Structure
Dog Interactions
Getting Along With Cats
Calming Signals
Shy Dogs
House Training An Adult Dog
Potty Training
Polite Greetings
Calm Greetings
Dog Walking Options
Gentle Leader
Loose Leash Walking – 1
Loose Leash Walking – 2
Recall – 1
Recall – 2
Crate Training – 1
Crate Training – 2
Crate Training – 3
Crate Games
Muzzle Training
Getting Your Dog To Love The Car
Getting Your Dog To Love Water
Dog Toys
Building Confidence
Door Routines

Challenging Behaviours
Aggressive Behaviour – 1
Aggressive Behaviour – 2
Resource Guarding
Food Guarding
Understanding Reactivity
Reactivity – 1
Reactivity – 2
Vehicle Reactivity
Dog Fights
Destructive Behaviours
Chewing – 1
Chewing – 2
Jumping – 1
Jumping – 2
Jumping – 3
Eating Non-Food Items
Separation Anxiety – 1
Seperation Anxiety – 2
Fireworks Anxiety
Barking At Cars
Chasing Cats
Eating Off The Table Or Counter
Counter Surfing
Appeasement Urination
Barrier Frustration

Other Resources
Bathing Your Dog
Incision Healing
Winter Paw Protection
Dogs In Hot Cars
Cold Weather